ALNABEEL GROUP considered one of the leading and well known companies in Iraq.
Possesses vast potential for the implementation of several important projects in the field of construction and reconstruction at the present days, which can participate in execution of new and turnkey projects, the group owns experienced engineers in many fields (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical), through the works with governmental organizations in execution of important projects, and have wide experience in different specialties with different equipments in additional to Technical ability and man power resources.
ALNABEEL employs many specialist and highly qualified engineers who works in design Engineering projects, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Air-conditioning, Electricomechanical and Communications fields by employing modern computerized systems, in addition. ALNABEEL employs more than (68) engineers have very high experience for execution the projects, in additional we employ middle staff consist of many technician, administration, commercial and safety staff, the total number of (245) employees, this staff doing there jobs depending on very good experience.
The performance of the services described above is related to the satisfying of the requirement of the key customers such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Electricity, Ministry of Municipalities and other foreign companies we have been worked and still working in various projects with them.
The activity of our company is not limited on execution projects only, but we have also special consultant bureau for different engineering design work; (Architectural, Structural, Sanitary, Mechanical and Electrical). We are active partners also in commercial field we have activity in import different materials for projects through our branches in neighbor countries (Jordan, UAE).
Furthermore, we executed many projects in new age of Iraq with international companies like Tetra Tech, ECCI .
ALNABEEL specialization divided into the following fields:
 K-span Construction Buildings:-
ALNABEEL Group owning 2 no. UBM-120 & 2 no. ABM-240 machines imported from MIC for the production of various types of K-span buildings. Which is one of its most important advantages, the economy cost and time by half in compression with the other construction types.
Turn Key Projects:-
We have the capabilities to construct turn key projects including all Architectural, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering works.
ALNabeel designing department employs many specialist and highly qualified engineers who works on design of the engineering projects, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Air-conditioning, Electrical and Communications fields and employing a modern computerized system.
Our companies have participated in many reconstruction and rehabilitation project, as we have a good experienced staff to implementing such works.
Materials & Equipments Supplying:-
In commercial field we have activity proof capabilities in supplying different materials, machinery and equipments for projects through our branches in neighbor countries (Jordan, UAE), from well known origins.
Specialized Projects:-
ALNABEEL Group through it's three companies able to implement all specialized projects like Water and Wastewater treatment plants, Power and substation plants and Bridges with Roads, and all related networks.